Regular Board Meeting 


Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Illinois Prairie District Public Library 

Spring Bay  Branch Library 
411 Illinois Street 
East Peoria, Illinois 61611


Board Meeting Minutes:  The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was call to order at 4pm.  Members present were Kramer, Peterson, Pugh, Rush, and Santos and Zoss.  Director Fredricksen was also present as was prospective board member Jack Weddle.  The minutes were approved as was a motion by Santos with the second by Pugh to pay the bills and requisitions.  All voted yes.


A.  Washburn Branch costs:  Nothing was available on the intergovernmental agreement at the meeting time.


B.  Germantown Hills site:  A date was set for a special meeting for the sole purpose of reviewing the building program.  The meeting will be May 18 at 4pm in Metamora


C.  Backup bookkeeper:  More will be available at the next meeting.


D.  New computer proposal.  More research needs to be done to assure that we are comparing similar computers between vendors.


E.  Spring Bay Donation:  A donation of $2000 was received from the bank in Spring Bay for the purchase of items needed by the library.  The list of items requested by the librarians was approved upon a motion by Kramer and the second by Pugh to which all voted yes.


F.  Public Library nonresident fee:   The charge for this needed to be adjusted as it is based on the budget for the coming year.  A motion was made by Pugh and seconded by Santos to change the fee from $167 to $139 for the year.  All voted yes.


G.  Furniture for all buildings:  A motion was made by Peterson and seconded by Pugh that the district join Funds for Illinois Libraries and apply for a grant for the purpose of   aiding in the purchasing new furniture for the district. Up to $35,000 can be spent on these furnishings.   All voted yes.


H.  Tax rate report: Information received from the county shows the EAV was overestimated.  An adjustment in the budget of about $20,000 is needed. 


I.  Monday deliveries:  These have been very popular with the branches so this service will be a permanent one.


Policy review:  The practice of keeping periodicals in storage for three years was evaluated and was determined to be longer than necessary.  Branches will determine what is reasonable for their patrons.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 pm.   The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday June 1, 2010 at the Washburn Branch Library, 102 W. Magnolia, Washburn IL 61570.


Secretary, Phyllis Peterson



A special board meeting was held at 4pm on Tuesday May 18th, for the sole purpose of reviewing the building program for Germantown Hills. Those present were Kramer, Peterson, Pugh, Rush, Santos, and Zoss. The meeting was held at the Metamora Headquarters and was adjourned at 5:30pm after another date was set for the same purpose for Tuesday, June, 18th at 4pm. also in Metamora.

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